Reactive Measures:

"Reactive Measures make it easier to deal with the aftermath of an event"

  • How well do you know your activities assessment?

  • The proverbial should I, will I, will the adventure meet or exceed my safety expectations?

  • If you or a friend become injured (twisted ankle) and you have several miles to return what will you do?

  • Will I be prepared for Emergencies, what are your backup plans?

  • Depending on terrain, elevation, and weather  an estimation safe pace 1 mile per hour.

  • If circumstances change are you willing to abort the wilderness experience?

  • Search and rescue varies from state, county, local dramatically. Do you know who to call?

  • Keep in mind when you call for help, considering the time of day and actions forming by the Search and Rescue team. Might mean sheltering in place, litter carry out or helicopter extraction.

  • These are complex operations and cost a lot. All depending on how the party is disabled.

  • Estimated  extraction could be $6000.00 an hour depending on circumstances.

  • Before you call for HELP be ready to describe where you are, which trail are you on, how many of you are there, your conditions, power left on your phone and any injury's.

  • Do you have medicines necessary for 72 hours?

  • The question must be asked are you prepared for the wilderness experience?