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Forest Falls SAR

Staying Alive Resources

Free Resources available to the public

  • The U.S. Forestry has resources for information.

  • American Red Cross.

  • Local Search and Rescue pamphlets.

Paid Services

My purpose is to share with the public a few Wilderness practices that can provide suggested actions, thus ensuring your experience in the wilderness.

Handy Scripts are a simple coaching format. Email me for more info.

  1. Local eatable plants.

  2. Wilderness survival

  3. When to call 911 and what to be prepaired to tell the dispatcher.

  4. How to navigate in the wilderness.

  5. Extreme Alpine Equipment.

  6. Basic 24 Hours wilderness pack check list.

  7. Check List, Precautionary note.

  8. Family Disaster Plan.

  9. Snakes in the Wilderness, SOCAL.

  10. A, B, C's For Winter Hiking.

  11. Wildfires Safety.

Wilderness trail guides available for San Bernardino National  Forest, Certified First Aid, wilderness awareness, and more.   Available to area camps and Forest Falls.

If you would like to send me your San Bernardino wilderness trail experiences, I can post as a blog.


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